You should always be proud of what you do and where you work — and there’s no better way to show off your company pride than company swag. 

From clothing like shirts and hats to accessories such as water bottles and stickers, you’re not only letting the world know how awesome you and your company are. You’re also helping to spread the word about your brand wherever you go. 

You could go virtually any route by representing your company with branded swag. While there are many definitions of swag, today we’re speaking specifically about company merchandise.

First and foremost, your swag should have the company logo somewhere on its design — whether it’s the primary focus or in the background. Either way, the two core components of swag are incorporating your brand into the design and being inherently wearable.

Let’s learn more about how to choose corporate swag that your employees will be glad to wear.

Why Is Corporate Swag Important?

As soon as you put something on with your company's logo on it, you’re representing your business wherever you roam. While it’s absolutely important to be proud of where you work and show it off, company swag has a much bigger purpose. 

Helping people wear your brand logo in their daily lives is essential for marketing. The majority of brands incorporate this grassroots marketing tactic through promotional items for their team members or through the products their customers buy. In addition to being a thoughtful way to show your employees and customers that you care, it’s also one of the most effective ways to get your company name out there. 

For example, many coffee shops will have their logo and colors printed on their cups. When someone sees people walking around with that unique swag, they’ll either recognize it or wonder where it’s from. Either way, they’re noticing that brand name or logo. 

The same concept applies to every company — not just ones in the food service industry. Goodies are often given out to show employee appreciation, and promotional products are common gifts for loyal customers. This helps to build brand awareness and build a positive company culture.

Company swag can also foster comradery. Think of how gratifying it would look if everyone at the office sported your brand logo on their clothes (especially if they’re stylish, which they should be). 

They wouldn’t be matching, so it won’t feel like a uniform — and as long as there’s a variety of options to choose from for everyone’s unique style, it could be a huge boost for company morale. That’s the power of cool company swag. 

The Best Company Swag: High-Quality Clothing

spotify hoodie swag

Naturally, the first swag item we’re going to talk about is clothing. It’s undoubtedly the most important aspect of any company's merchandise, and it makes an excellent corporate gift.

Clothing will be seen more than other forms of merch, and it can have the biggest impact on marketing and morale. Remember, we’re not talking about a uniform. These clothes should be work appropriate depending on a company’s dress code but also shouldn’t be one-note. 

A wide variety of colors, patterns, and logos should be available so every and any employee can pick custom swag that fits their personality and style. This can range from t-shirts, polos, and dress shirts to joggers and sweatpants, hats, and more. 

It’s also important to remember that these items shouldn’t be exclusively worn in the office. They should be casual and versatile enough to wear out in public as well. 

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

One of the more classic company-branded items, a comfortable hoodie can go a long way. A company could include multiple designs and styles for their hoodies, ranging from thick to thin and from a large logo to a much smaller one. 

A common design for a company hoodie is one solid neutral color — such as black, white, gray, or the company color — combined with a large print of the company logo on either the front or back. 

Still, this is just one common example. If a company wants to be truly unique, it could incorporate all sorts of fun and stylish designs centered around its logo or colors. 

Whatever design you choose, it’s easy to make a hoodie that people will love, which makes it one of the best clothing options. 


t shirt swag

If there were two clothing staples of company swag, they would be hoodies and t-shirts. 

A casual and comfortable shirt that someone could wear anywhere from lounging at home to in the office would go a long way in representing a company’s brand.

Like a hoodie, it’s extremely difficult to mess up a t-shirt. You could once again go the route of one solid color with a large or small company logo with a smaller scripture written somewhere. 

If a company has a secondary logo, this would help ensure there are more options to choose from. If there is only one logo, you could go numerous routes: One big or small logo, multiple prints or colors and more can be incorporated to ensure each t-shirt is stylish and unique. 

Shorts or Sweatpants

Although a little less common, a matching outfit with the company logo printed on both a top and shorts or sweatpants can be a fun option. 

A simple and comfortable pair of shorts that has the same solid color as the shirt or hoodie can look stylish and cater to plenty of employees’ styles. The company logo could be in a smaller print on the right or left leg of the shorts. 

As for sweatpants, everyone needs some comfortable loungewear. If your office has a more relaxed dress code, a company sweatsuit would look spiffy on any chilly day. 

Best of all, Kotn Supply’s custom sweatsuits are Pantone-matched to your company colors and crafted from scratch through an ethical supply chain.

Beanies or Hats

Finally, to complete the look, there’s nothing like a casual baseball cap or beanie to complement an outfit. 

Multi-colored hats — perhaps ones that match a company’s primary colors — would fit perfectly with branded shirts and pants. 

Hats and beanies are also perfect because they can still be worn on the days when someone wants to wear something different around the office. 

You can’t wear a company t-shirt every single day, so a casual branded beanie or hat is a terrific way to continue spreading the word without sacrificing your personal taste. 


tote swag

Nothing says brand marketing like accessories! 

Water bottles, phone chargers, stickers, face masks, tote bags, and more are all excellent tools for company swag. If people aren’t the biggest fan of branded company clothing, they can still show off their company pride using a variety of accessories. 

Accessories are for onboarding gifts for new hires — it’s a common practice to set up a new employee with a swag bag to welcome them to the team. These can be bold and customizable for use around the office or the home.

Here are some company accessory ideas that would work wonderfully for any brand. 

Water Bottles

Once again, this is a classic and staple company swag item. A lot of people bring water bottles or tumblers to work or when they go out, so there’s no better item to represent company pride. They’re also eco-friendly and sustainable swag, and you can use them over and over. 

Almost any color would look good on drinkware, but black, white, gray, or the company’s primary color looks the best. For the solid neutral colors, A big company logo print can be used to proudly display the name and brand. 

For other colors, fun and unique patterns would be a perfect way to add some flavor to any water bottle: The bolder, the better! 


Stickers are unique because they allow every employee to use them in any way they’d like. 

One possibility is to go the classic route with one big round sticker with the company logo. Another is if the company has a secondary logo, it can be used in multiple ways. Different shapes, colors, and sizes can be used to make sure everything is unique. 

People can place these stickers anywhere — laptops, cars, phones, and, of course, company water bottles! 

Stickers are absolutely the most versatile item of any company swag. They can be any color and shape and, most importantly, can be used anywhere in any way. 


Company bags are undoubtedly one of the coolest accessories a company can offer its employees. 

Branded bags aren’t a common item that is typically offered by companies for employees, so adding one to a company swag lineup would be awesome. 

Backpacks and tote (or drawstring) bags are always a useful option. Like the other accessories, they can be one solid color with the company logo somewhere seeable. 


Finally, we’ll end with one final staple of company swag: the keychain. 

There isn’t much to say about it except the fact that they’re cheap, small, convenient, and everyone can use them. They’re perfect for gifts and are a good way to represent the company. 

In terms of keychains, the simpler the better — and you can’t get much simpler than a keychain! 

Extra Items To Throw in Your Company Swag Packs

If you still have room in your swag kits and promo giveaway boxes, throw these small accessories in there for good measure:

  • A Phone Power Bank
  • A Bluetooth Speaker
  • Reusable Straws
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • A Mouse Pad
  • Earbuds

The possibilities for company swag are truly endless!


Take your brand identity to the next level with these employee swag gift ideas. They’re thoughtful gifts for your team members, but that’s not all. Company swag can also increase your brand recognition and provide you with some free marketing.

When you create company swag with Kotn Supply, you’re not just doing a service for your employees — you’re helping communities across the globe! Kotn Supply works directly with our cotton farmers from the ground up, contributes to The ABCs Project to fund educational programs throughout Egypt, and only uses the finest natural biodegradable fibers to create our clothes. 

All in all, company swag from Kotn Supply invests in the future of your company and the future of communities worldwide.



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