There are T-shirts and hats. There are water bottles and key chains. There are even bags and other accessories — these are typical wholesale orders.

Notice something missing? Pants! Specifically, sweatpants. Custom sweatpants aren’t often included in wholesale orders because they aren’t a common custom item that’s produced and sold in bulk. 

Why? Nobody really knows. One explanation is that T-shirts and other little accessories dominate the wholesale game, so there isn’t much room to include anything more unique and special. 

That’s where custom sweatpants come in. They’re certainly a unique item to be wholesaled, and when made comfortably, everyone is going to want a pair. 

Below, you’ll find the complete guide on buying custom sweatpants through a wholesale order — from why you should choose sweatpants to potential design ideas. 

Why Order Wholesale Sweatpants?

So, why sweatpants? You could choose from so many different wholesale options. We’re sure you’re wondering why you should go with sweatpants for your bulk order, whether you’re looking for corporate merch or fun branded swag. 

Here are some big reasons why sweatpants should be a part of your next wholesale order.

Upcoming Season

Did someone say fall? 

With warm clothing weather rapidly approaching, T-shirts and shorts will soon be out of demand. In their place will be jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, and of course, sweatpants. 

This isn’t just a prediction; it’s an absolute fact. These aren’t fashion trends per se, but a common occurrence that happens every year because of the changing weather — just like how shorts are in demand in the summer and big coats are in demand during the winter. 

So, because sweatpants and warm wear are going to be in huge demand for the rest of 2022 and into 2023, it would make a lot more sense to add this to your order ahead of the changing seasons.

Everyone Owns (and Needs) Sweatpants


Not only does everyone need warm clothes for the upcoming season, but people just need sweatpants and warm loungewear in general. 

Even in the summer, throwing on a comfy pair of sweatpants when you’re lounging at home is one of the best feelings in the world. While sweatpants will be in high demand because of the weather change, they’re still going to be worn throughout the year. 

Plus, while everyone has multiple pairs of shirts and shorts, not a lot of people are particularly stocked with sweatpants — making this yet another reason why you should definitely throw in some sweatpants for your next order. 

By providing high-quality sweatpants like the ones you’ll find at Kotn Supply, you can provide a wardrobe staple your employees or customers will be able to wear again and again. Not only does this help you get your branded logo seen by more people for longer, but it also helps prevent the significant waste caused by cheap throwaway merch that really only lasts for one wear.


One of the most important factors for the clothing you wear is how comfortable it is. 

Obviously, sweatpants are meant for less formal occasions like lounging or a casual walk. In those situations, you’re probably aiming for comfort over anything else. Then, when the weather starts to get cooler, there’s nothing more cozy than being bundled up.

Custom sweatpants with a matching custom sweatshirt is a perfect and casual fall look. Not only can almost anyone pull this look off, but it’s one of the most comfortable outfits you can wear — even outside of your home. 

Kotn Supply makes our sweatpants out of 100% Egyptian Cotton, so don’t be surprised when your team or customers tell you they never want to take them off ever again!

Unique Wholesale Item

This ties into almost everything we’ve said up to this point. 

Sweatpants simply aren’t the go-to for most people or companies when they purchase a wholesale order. Custom sweatpants, however, can make all the difference in the world. 

As we said before, if you purchase a wholesale clothing item, the goal is to get people to wear it as often as possible in order to get your money’s worth. Simple designs on basic items won’t get the job done anymore.

Instead, you need to look for a truly unique item to wholesale, like sweatpants. Think about it: When was the last time you were given or ordered custom sweatpants? We’d bet not very often, if ever. 

What Could Custom Sweatpants Look Like?

Now that you know why sweatpants should be included in your next wholesale order, let’s get onto the next biggest step: how to get people to wear them. 

Obviously, you’re not going to wholesale order blank sweatpants. They need to represent something such as having a company logo included or a design you can resell to consumers. 

Whatever your reasoning for that particular wholesale order is, it absolutely has to be worth your while — and that means a cool, sleek, and casual design. Going big and bold is also an option depending on the purpose of your order. 

If you’re trying to market something, a big logo is probably your best bet. If it’s an order for your employees or something like that, a design that’s more minimalistic might better suit what you’re after.

Whatever you end up choosing, designing sweatpants isn’t hard. Let’s look at some options.

Color Scheme


First and foremost, you’ll want to consider the color scheme.

This should be one of the biggest priorities of your design, as sweatpants use a lot of fabric so the color will be extremely noticeable. You also need it to look good; you can always go with a safe color choice like a one-color white, black, or gray scheme. If you do have a custom company Pantone, manufacturers like Kotn Supply can work with you to match the exact color to the fabric.

Stripes and other tweaks and designs tend to look odd on sweatpants, so unless your goal is to create the loudest pair of sweatpants on earth, simplicity is the name of the game here. 

If you’re buying custom sweatpants for a company, sports team, or another type of business, you can always go with their respective colors in order to match the logo — which is something we’ll assume will be attached to the sweatpants, as well. 

Print Options

Next up are the possible prints for your design. 

The three most common methods of transferring a design onto clothing are screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery. All three have their own strengths and weaknesses, so knowing the differences between them is key to making a perfect design. 

Screen printing has been around for the longest and is the most common method of printing. The process is quick and cost-effective while the finished product is vibrant, neat, and has a personal touch.

Digital printing is a newer process that’s slowly grown in popularity over the years. This method relies solely on machines and computers to create a design, so you lose that human touch. It can be cheaper than screen printing depending on the number of colours used in the designorder, but the results will come out looking slightly less vibrant.looking like it was digitally printed. 

Embroidery is the most different out of the three as it requires the design to be stitched onto the material using multi-colored threads. Embroidery is also the most distinguishable between the methods as the design will look completely unique compared to the other processes. Typically with sweatpants or sweatshirts, we recommend embroidery as the thread tends to set in extremely well on the heavier weight of the sweats. 

Design Location

Finally, you get to decide where the final touch and centerpiece of your design will be placed. 

Again, odds are you aren’t ordering blank sweatpants with your wholesale order. There has to be a logo or design in order for the pants to be custom. Where should you put it? 

Unfortunately, sweatpants don’t have a lot of prime placements for logos. The best spot is on the front right or left leg above the knee as a sort of crest. This has the most space and is the most visible area, so naturally, it’s one of the only places your logo could go. 

There are other options too, but you’ll have to tinker until you find something that’s right for you.

KOTN Supply


Remember how we talked about throwaway merch? Let’s end it for good. 

With KOTN Supply, your wholesale apparel won’t collect dust in someone’s closet until it ends up in the donation bin. the charity pickup comes around. Our merchandise is meant for any occasion — from lounging to a late night out. 

Wherever and however you’re rocking our merch, we can guarantee you’ll be comfortable and stylish … two things that don’t often go hand-in-hand. 

You can get started by checking out our full product page here — and don’t forget to ask about customabout the sweatpants. 



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