When the time comes to welcome new employees to your company, a gift basket of swag can be a wonderful way to improve the onboarding experience. It shows the new hires that you’re excited for their first day and for the hard work and ideas that they’ll bring to the team in the future.

How we treat our new team members and the hires filling new roles can impact the company culture, and taking a few extra minutes to make that special welcome basket can put your newest hire at ease.

Kotn Supply is here to help you find the perfect company swag products to make a great first impression after a new employee’s start date. We’re dedicated to providing sustainable, eco-friendly company products that support your small business growth, and we believe in a one-on-one approach to working with artisans and workers at every stage of the production process.

That’s why we’re excited to share some of our top sustainable ideas and welcome messages for your new colleague’s first day. 

Sustainable Company Swag Ideas to Welcome New Hires

There are many benefits to ordering sustainable swag, like the kind you’ll find in our collection here at Kotn Supply.

Swag can help boost the morale of the work environment and give your employees a sense of camaraderie and belonging. It can also be an excellent tool for welcoming in the newest member of your team when the time comes. They’re even handy for giveaways and raising company name awareness through promotion.

When you pick out sustainable swag products, you’ll know that you’re building your business while still maintaining a low environmental impact. With so many exciting and earth-friendly sustainable products to pick from, you’re sure to find something for the whole team — including the newest member.

Here are a few of our top picks for sustainable swag ideas to help your company take a leap to the next level. 

Shirts and Sweatshirts

Shirts and sweatshirts are classic swag ideas because you can’t go wrong with apparel. To start, they’re very useful, and the more times a product gets used, the more sustainable it is. Shirts and sweatshirts are relatively easy to order sustainably, with options like small-scale farming and organic cotton. 

You can even silkscreen the company brand or logo yourself if you really want to. You can even order them in different colors and styles based on the templates we offer. Matching the entire team either at work or when out at the game or pub can foster a sense of community that contributes to a healthy and welcoming culture. 

Hats and Caps

Another useful option for swag that your employees will really enjoy is hats. Hats, like beanies and caps, are easy to brand and use a similar sustainable process as when ordering and making shirts.

Hats and caps are worn for all kinds of events and occasions, which means your new employee will want to wear them every day (if possible). Like t-shirts and sweatshirts, hats can be very versatile; you’ll be able to give your new colleague options to pick from when it comes to a branded company cap.


Here at Kotn Supply, we love totes and believe they’re a great asset that can take your company's swag offerings to new heights.

To start, totes can be used to give other presents and company swag on a new employee’s first day, which means less paper waste and packaging. They’re easy to produce in a sustainable way, similar to shirts and caps. With all the blank space, canvas tote bags offer lots of opportunities for branding, either with your logo or recognizable images, characters, or quotes from your business.

Totes are helpful for anyone interested in cutting down on their plastic and waste. They can be used for picking up groceries, daily commuting, and more: Your new employee is sure to appreciate their versatility. 

Water Bottles and Mugs 

Another simple and easy way to cut down on waste is with reusable water bottles and mugs, which you can give to anyone starting a new job at your company. Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs can be helpful for team members on the go and can make it easy to skip the plastic bottle when commuting or traveling.

It’s easy to customize and personalize these products, which is why they’re a fan-favorite option for swag ideas, and you can even find them in your company’s colors for quick recognition. You can do large or small water bottles, hot or cold coffee cups, tumblers, and more.

If you want to make this an extra special gift for a new member, consider pairing it with coffee, tea, or water flavors, for a warm welcome. They’re sure to use their water bottle and mug every day.

Office Supplies

Whether your latest hire is working from home or at the office, they’re sure to love branded office supplies. Pens, planners, notebooks, and folders can all play a part in taking the first step on a successful journey of ideas and innovation. There are a surprising number of ways to make new office supplies more sustainable.

Consider reusable or recycled paper products, or create a compost system in the office that makes it easy to get the most out of these sustainable products.

Tech Gear

While it’s true that tech can be a little more tricky to purchase and utilize sustainably, there are steps you can take within your business that can help. Having a drop-off location for old tech can ensure that e-waste gets to the proper recycling center every time. Now, you don’t have to feel conflicted over gifting new employees gadgets and gear they’ll really enjoy.

One of the best tech gifts for new employees is headphones. Working in an office space can be noisy at times, and when a person needs to concentrate on their work, headphones will do the trick. There are many ways to brand headphones, so find a method that best fits your company’s vibe. 

Blankets and Home Décor 

What’s better than being cozy? If your new team member likes cozy and comfortable apparel, then they’re sure to love company-branded blankets, as well as other home décor products like oven mitts and koozies. Help them to enjoy that coziness with products that are designed to last. 

Welcome Messages for New Hires

Of course, you want to pair these new gifts with welcome messages that will show your new hires how excited you are to have them on board.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to say welcome, be it in an email, Slack message, or handwritten note:

“Welcome to the Team”

There’s nothing wrong with being concise. At the end of the day, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to create a welcoming kit and personalized card for their onboarding, and that’s what truly matters.

If you’re just not sure what to write, consider a simple but effective message welcoming them to the team. A thoughtful welcome and best wishes can make all the difference. 

“Congrats on Your New Position”

Landing an exciting new position is a big deal, and it deserves to be celebrated. Consider wishing them congratulations and sharing some details and specifics they’ll want to know when joining the business and the team.

This will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the onboarding process and future interactions. It shows them that you’re cheering for all their professional success. 

“We’re Excited for Your Perspective”

When you bring on a new member of the team, you welcome a great addition into the fold, and that great addition often has new ideas and fresh perspectives that can help you grow and build.

Don’t be afraid to say as much. If you were part of the interview and job offer process, you might actually want to reference specifics about the person’s experience or answers. Share how the whole team is excited to learn and grow by their side.

You want to avoid putting too much pressure on the newest hire, but let them know that they’re part of the team and appreciated in the position from the moment that they walk through the door. 

Rely Important Notes on Company Culture

The Human Resources Dept. works hard to provide new hires with the employee onboarding and information they need to feel confident and prepared. But you won’t find all the necessary information in the employee handbook.

A lot of details about how a company is run are simply learned by experiencing the culture and behavior of that company, which can be difficult. Help to put your new recruit at ease from day one with best practices for logistical navigation of the business, what to expect and be aware of, and even some icebreakers for the rest of the team. 


Bringing a new person into your company can sometimes feel a tad overwhelming, both for the existing team members and the new hire. Setting a stage of warmest welcome can help to put everyone at ease. It can foster open communication and support useful for long-term teamwork and employee retention.

There are many ways to do this, including a sustainable company swag gift basket, so they can fit right in from the moment they’re hired. You have different sustainable product ideas to pick from, including sweatshirts and t-shirts, hats, blankets, tote bags, and more.

In addition to sharing sustainable products that they can really use on a regular basis, you’ll want to consider writing your newest team member a welcome letter or welcome email to show them that you’re excited to have them on board and that you consider them a valuable asset to the team.

Here at Kotn Supply, we’re all about people and the environment. We believe that forging deeper relationships with everyone on the supply chain, from farmers to artisans, can help us work together toward a brighter, more sustainable future. If you’re looking to bring sustainability and community to your business and your new hires, our team can help you get started today.


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