In today’s world, companies are finally starting to become modernized in multiple ways, from technology to hiring practices.

One important area that’s gotten a huge boost recently is overall employee morale and motivation. Mental health breaks are becoming more common, and the days of strict, old-fashioned company uniforms are finally dying down.

Companies are constantly looking at new ways to incentivize their employees. The biggest new trend is moving away from “office culture” with a bland and stiff dress code, even improving the overall look and vibe of the office itself. 

One of the best ways to incentivize employees and boost morale is company swag. Whether it’s available to purchase anytime, a gift every now and then, or a little bit of both, you simply can’t go wrong with company swag. 

Let’s take a closer look at the nearly endless possibilities of company swag bags — one of the newest trends in corporate gifting.

Why Is Having Company Swag Important?


Before we get into what you can include in your swag bags, it’s important to understand why this underrated detail can be a huge boost for your company.

First and foremost, everyone should be proud of where they work. If they aren’t, it can be a big problem for morale and productivity. 

One of the best ways to show off this pride is branded company merch. We’re not talking about matching and identical polos for everyone — that’s a thing of the past. We’re talking about swag.

This is something your employees can wear when they’re out of the office around town — something that screams, “I work for this company and I couldn’t be more proud”. 

This can come in the form of T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and more. Whatever the case, as long as it looks cool, your employees will be overjoyed to wear it whenever they can and represent the company.

The second biggest reason is marketing. If your business or company isn’t a household name, you’re probably constantly looking for new ways to get your name out there. 

One of the best ways is to incentivize your employees to wear their company name and swag outside of work. With a sleek design and a logo that pops, your employees will want to wear their swag wherever they go. 

This means more exposure, which in turn creates more buzz and profit. It’s a small and underrated marketing tactic that most businesses do (and should) utilize. 

Is a Swag Bag the Way To Go?

With all that being said, does that mean you absolutely have to assemble the most beautiful and perfect swag bag ever created? No!

Your employees will still be overjoyed to receive even one piece of company swag they can wear around, but at the same time, a swag bag really shows that you care. 

Besides, while one piece of swag is still a nice gift, you should offer some sort of versatility and options for your employees. This can come in the form of a swag bag. 

Another important thing to consider is the more swag you supply your employees with, the happier and more appreciative they’ll be and the more exposure your brand gets. It’s the epitome of a win-win. 

What Can I Put in My Swag Bag?

Now, we can get into the fun part. With your own swag bag, you can get as creative and imaginative as you want. 

Think of your swag bag as a blank canvas, and you’re Picasso. You can head in any direction you want. 

You can focus on a clothing or accessory swag bag or combine the two. Whatever way you decide to go, your swag will be proudly displayed by your employees.

Clothing Swag Bags

One idea is the clothing swag bag.

Clothing is easily the most marketable and important company swag item you can supply your employees with. This is because you can make the logo as large as you want and, if they’re appealing, it’s an everyday item your employees are bound to wear. 

From sweatshirts around town when it’s chilly out to a baseball cap when it’s a sunny day, you can give your employees multiple options to choose from so they can mix and match to fit their style and personality. 



A classic staple of any sort of company swag, you simply can’t go wrong with a T-shirt

They’re the most wearable and one of the cheapest custom products to produce and purchase. You can slap your company logo in large print on the front or back or offer a smaller logo on the front upper chest. 

If your company has a motto, you can print that on there as well and combine it with the logo or go with just the motto for a simple and sleek look. 

Whatever direction you head in, you should absolutely include a company T-shirt.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies


While sweatshirts and hoodies are more expensive to produce and buy, they really show that you went the extra mile.

Just like a T-shirt, everyone has a favorite sweatshirt they like to bring out for any occasion. They’re comfortable, and, most importantly, everyone can pull one off. 

Plus, they’re typically much larger than a T-shirt, so you can really display some company pride with a large logo print on the front or back. 

If you’re not a fan of large prints taking up a ton of space, you can more or less think of similar designs we mentioned with T-shirts. 

Shorts and Pants


Admittedly, pants and shorts aren’t a common company swag item — but that’s also what makes them an appealing and unique option. 

They aren’t the best in terms of marketability, but that doesn’t mean everyone won’t wear a comfortable pair of sweatpants when they’re lounging at home (or running to Trader Joe’s). 

You could go an even more uncommon route of offering gym wear. This would be a great marketing idea as the fitness and gym industry is experiencing a huge boom recently. 

A small print logo on the front left or right pant leg is a casual and cool look that adds a bit of flair to an otherwise plain pair of sweats or shorts. 

Beanies and Hats

Lastly, we’ll end the clothing swag bag with another staple of company merch: the hat. 

Almost everyone owns and wears hats from time to time, and blank hats are super easy to customize. All you need is your logo stitched or printed above the brim and you’ve got a marketing machine that also looks pretty sweet. 

The same goes for beanies. As we said before, you need options for your employees that can fit their style. Some people prefer beanies over baseball caps and vice-versa, so multiple options are essential. 

Accessory Swag Bags

Moving onto the other spectrum of swag bags, the accessory pack is a great way to go. 

Employees will still use accessories in their daily lives outside of work like clothing, so they’re another perfect marketing tool.

Here are some excellent ideas of items you can include in your swag bags.

Water Bottles

If T-shirts are the staple of clothing swag bags, water bottles would have to be the superstar of accessory bags.

Whether they’re in the office, at a workout, or simply walking around, everyone has and uses a water bottle — especially if it’s high-quality. 

They’re also cheap to produce and you can put a large logo covering the bottle or multiple smaller logos placed around the bottle for a unique look.

Bags (Drawstrings, Backpacks, or Totes)


Personally, this is one of our favorite items that can be included in company swag bags. 

Like sweatshirts, they’re typically larger than any other item that can be offered, so the logo can be much bigger. 

If a backpack is a little out of your price range, a drawstring or tote with the company logo stitched on is still a perfect gift or option. 

Company Stickers

Stickers can be used everywhere, from water bottles to laptops and the back of cars. 

Stickers are easily the most versatile item on either list, so incorporating a ton of options — both small and large — would be a great option. 

KOTN Supply

We hope you’re as excited about designing your own company swag bag as we are!

At KOTN Supply, our merchandise is so much more than a cheap T-shirt your employees will wear once and then bury at the bottom of their wardrobe. And not only can we help you design a swag bag full of clothing, we also work with a variety of brands to help you source water bottles, notebooks, pens, stickers and more for your packs.

Anything you order will have an appealing and unique look that would make any employee proud and happy to wear wherever they go, so get started today.



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